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Woodworker carving a hardwood red oak panel
Walnut hardwood flooring and veneer.
Beautiful hardwood drawer faces.
Building facade featuring hardwood panels.
Beautiful hardwood kitcken cabinets.
Indiana Hardwood CLT Project.
Thermally modified hardwood decking.
Smiling woman sitting on a beautiful hardwood floor.
Hard Maple retail shelving.
Dining table made from hardwood.
Live edge table made from U.S. Hardwood.

Real American Hardwood®



Put one foot forward and step into the narrative of Real American Hardwood®, where sustainability and beautiful design converge. In a world where every footprint counts, we can tread lightly with hardwood—a material that enriches our spaces and leaves a legacy of environmental stewardship.

01 Why Hardwood?


Beyond Beauty

Discover the unparalleled qualities of Real American Hardwood®! From sustainability to value, beauty, and durability, experience hardwood’s diverse benefits. Deepen your understanding of how hardwood stands up to man-made materials like vinyl and laminate.

Sunlight shining through a hardwood forest.

Hardwood is


Architects and designers can champion responsible forest management by choosing U.S. hardwoods. Learn the benefits of managed forests and sustainable practices, such as sourcing locally within the hardwood industry, to reduce emissions and support rural economies.

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A family unpacks boxes on their hardwood floor.

Hardwood is


Choose hardwood for its unmatched durability, aesthetics, and increased property value. Invest wisely—hardwood needs less frequent replacement, saving you money over time. Enhance your resale value and secure a long-term asset for your design projects with the timeless appeal of hardwood.

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A beautiful kitchen featuring hardwood accents.

Hardwood is


Celebrate the timeless allure of hardwood in your creations! Its sustainable nature perfectly complements design well-being. Gain insight into how hardwood enhances productivity, fosters tranquility, and meets diverse design needs. Embrace hardwood for enduring, captivating, and valuable investments.

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A man looks out of a window in a room featuring hardwood floors.

Hardwood is


Explore how hardwood products epitomize durability, excelling not only in high-traffic areas like living rooms and kitchens but also in commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, and offices.

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02 Hardwood Uses



Real American Hardwood® offers a wealth of textures and colors for versatile applications like flooring, furniture, and cabinets. Uncover options like thermally modified hardwood cladding, which enhances durability and stability for exterior use, resisting decay and insects while retaining natural beauty.

Hardwood cabinet in an entryway.



Live edge table made from U.S. hardwood



A sunlit seating area featuring hardwood flooring and trim.



A ceiling featuring hardwood slats.


Moulding & Millwork

A unique Hardwood CLT architectural installation.


Mass Timber

A hotel lobby featuring hardwood veneer.



03 Species Guide

Find Your


Get inspired with our species guide! From the boldness of walnut to the hardiness of hickory and the elegance of maple, check out a variety of textures and colors. Cultivate your designs with a world of creative options for your next project.

04 Featured Projects

Fuel Your


Learn about U.S. hardwoods’ capability in architectural marvels like the Omni PGA Resort and Bloomberg's European headquarters. These timbers create captivating spaces, connecting us with nature and elevating design essence.

05 Latest News



Stay in the loop with the freshest hardwood trends and innovations! Our news section keeps you informed on all things hardwood, from architecture to design. Don’t miss out! 

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